*This book went out of print a few years ago, but used copies are still available online as well as digital versions which I still earn royalties from. Thanks! 

Featuring illustrations by Betty Turbo and an introduction by CM Punk!


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Raves & Reviews

“[Natalie] does it all with a sharp wit and a punk-rock, can-do attitude that has become her signature and inspired people all around the world.” – Jessie Oleson, founder of 

“Ever find yourself talking to a cookbook? Me neither until there was Bake and Destroy. It’s like hanging out with your coolest girlfriend and ending up with delicious treats for your real life friends!” – Amy “Lita” Dumas, former women’s wrestling champ & host of Discordia

“Bake and Destroy is like a party on every page. Natalie Slater doesn’t shy away from over-the-top, knock-your-socks-off recipes that you will find yourself making again and again.” –Julie Hasson, author of Vegan Diner

Updates, Notes & Corrections

  • Crouching Cornbread, Hidden Broccoli (page 173) Calls for 3 cups vegetable shortening, this is a typo! You should actually use 1/3 cup shortening plus a little more for the pan.

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