I hate the holidays. Sorry, was that an aggressive way to start a post about vegan holiday foods that can be shipped to your door? Let me try again. I hate the holidays. Hm. I don’t know I guess I just hate the holidays. Anyway, because I hate them, I have no desire to put any effort into them whatsoever. Will I put some kind of seitan roast in the oven and mash some potatoes? Sure. But am I baking a pie? Absolutely not.

But, I am a lone hater in a family of people who love the holidays. Specifically, holiday foods. Having been vegan in the 90s I would never dare to complain that vegan holiday foods are hard to find in stores, but good vegan holiday foods? That’s another story. If I’m being forced to eat a beige plate to celebrate a holiday that I think is stupid, I absolutely refuse to follow it up with a bland pie from Whole Foods.

If you also don’t feel like cooking or baking, and are lucky enough to live in a place where a small business is offering vegan holiday foods by all means support them! I’ve seen far too many vegan businesses close this year and plan on ordering as many of our holiday items locally as I can. But, even in a great vegan city like Chicago there are still some items I can’t get locally. So here are my top five picks for vegan holiday foods you can have shipped to your house.

1. Herbivorous Butcher Turkey-Free Feast

It’s true that vegan holiday roasts are pretty plentiful even in the most conventional grocery stores. But are they good? I’m willing to fight you about that one. If you’re looking for an all-in-one holiday feast complete with a turkey-like centerpiece, stuffing, and plenty of sides, plan ahead and order this feast from Minneapolis’ own Herbivorous Butcher. Not only is all the food handcrafted with much higher quality ingredients than what you’ll find in stores, but you’ll also be supporting a vegan-owned small business that does a lot for their community. (Uhhh and you might want to Google who owns the brands making the roasts you usually buy because it’s pretty much all bad news.)

2. Goldbelly

If you’ve never spent hours scrolling through the vegan options on Goldbelly online marketplace sorry, can’t relate. I could have made this entire list and many more just based on items you can order from this one place, but specifically in this listing I wanted to call out their vegan Hanukkah options. Are you looking for vegan latkes? Linda’s Gourmet Latkes offers vegan and vegan + gluten free options. (Note: not everything on the linked page is vegan.) Yonah Schimmel Knishes offers variety packs of knishes in lots of flavors – vegan and nut-free. And for something sweet, choose your own vegan babka from Green’s Babka.

3. Sweet Maresa’s Crumb Cake

There are absolutely people shipping vegan pies, but my family always orders locally from Pie, Pie My Darling and Ritual Pastry. But if you think one pie is enough for an entire weekend of holiday gluttony, you have not met the Slaters. For that reason, I always order a crumb cake from Sweet Maresa‘s too. The holiday flavors vary, but they hold up well in transit, and you can actually freeze them until you’re ready to thaw and eat so it’s great if you like to stock up for back-to-back holiday dinners.

And, as my December 12th birthday is the only winter holiday I believe is worth celebrating, I should also mention that Sweet Maresa’s makes a 1lb Rainbow Cookie, which is my all-time favorite sweet treat, and something I always put on my birthday wishlist.

4. Nostalgica Pizzelle

While we’re on the topic of beloved Italian and Italian-American sweets, did you know that there is an entire company dedicated to making and shipping vegan pizzelle? If you’ve never had one, a pizzelle is an Italian wafer cookie that comes in a variety of flavors. The most traditional are anise, lemon, and vanilla. They’re lacey and delicate, crispy, and lightly sweet, and really tricky to make vegan because the traditional recipe relies heavily on eggs. You can enjoy them with coffee or tea, or incorporate them into other desserts like ice cream sundaes. They remind me of my nonie, who always had a vanilla pizzelle or a hazelnut-filled wafer cookie stashed away for me. Nostaligca Pizzelle offers holiday flavors, as well as pizzelle subscriptions, which make a really. unique and special gift.

5. The Very Vegan Sweet Shop

If you’re in need of stocking stuffers or vegan-friendly gifts, The Very Vegan Sweet Shop has holiday-specific treats as well as veganized versions of classic candies. This vegan, woman-owned shop is always adding new things like allergen-friendly advent calendars and white chocolate gingerbread people. Ship your order to you, or to your gift recipient, or if you’re in Chicago you can order online and pick up at Liberation Kitchen.

Bonus: Mac and cheese isn’t a traditional holiday food in every part of the country, but we always have it at my house. I save myself so much time and effort by warming up a couple packages of Upton’s Naturals Ch’eesy Mac instead of making it from scratch. Microwave it, fry it on the stove top, top it off with breadcrumbs and broil it in the oven. No one will know it came out of a box.

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