UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who made this fundraising project such a success! We raised around $4,500 for Grind for Life this time around, bringing the grand total we’ve donated over the years to $26,000. A very small amount of physical copies of the first zine are available from Sourpuss Clothing, and digital copies are also available. I am currently working on the second zine in theis fundraising series, Vegan Power Meals, and will post more about it as soon as I can!

In November 2009, our friend Mat Arluck passed away after a long battle with cancer. At a memorial concert held by his friends and family a few months later, I learned that an organization called Grind for Life had helped fund his move from Chicago back to his parents’ home in Seattle where he spent his last days. Grind for Life provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals.

From that year on, I’ve dedicated my birthday to Mat’s memory, and the memory of all of the loved ones we’ve lost to cancer. I ask my friends and family to donate to Grind for Life rather than buying me gifts. Together we’ve raised more than more than $21,500 for the cause. 

Last year I sat my birthday fundraiser out, having just lost my mother-in-law Jo Anne to lung cancer. A few months later, my friend Linley’s son Bryson opted to stop treatment for his rare type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Bryson’s illness inspired its own fundraiser, and Grind for Life stepped in to offer comfort and support to him as well. Sadly, in March 2022 Bryson passed on.

The Zine

This year I have more reason than ever to fundraise for Grind for Life. In memory of Mat, Jo Anne, Bryson, my grandfather, and so many others. But this time I want to do something different. I’m putting together a zine to benefit Grind for Life.

The Bake and Destroy Cancer Zine will contain vegan recipes shared by my favorite chefs, cookbook authors, musicians and athletes, as well as art, interviews, and other goofy content. Each zine will be sent out with a variety of swag donated by some of my favorite companies.

The Contributors

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed recipes, interviews, lists, artwork, and swag:

Herbivorous Butcher

Snackie Chan 

Paulie Gee’s Wicker Park 

Dragged Through the Garden 

Cheeze & Thank You 

Guerilla Bizkits 

The Vegan Roadie

Amy Dumas

Your Local Seitanist


Pie, Pie My Darling 

Vegan Yack Attack

Earth Crisis 

Compassion Co


Vegan Vampire

Sourpuss Clothing

Vegan Power Co.

Randall Trang

Max Heron

Michael DiRaddo

Kate Parnell (Garfield From Memory)

Things By Dave

Bric-A-Brac Records
Betty Turbo

Castle Jackal


Alice and Friends

Casa Yari

Penelope’s Vegan Taqueria

Joe Principe, Rise Against

Matt Darling

More to come, thanks!