I decided to make a quick post about where to buy the “Abortion Rights Are Human rights” shirt CM Punk wore in Texas this week because I’ve been asked on every social media platform I’m on. You can buy it from Raygun, and it comes in two colors. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, and Raygun shirts are sweatshop-free and printed with union labor.

I first popped into Raygun’s Chicago shop a few months ago to grab Punk one of their Get Your Own Then Tell It What To Do shirts for another one of his Texas shows (as an old friend, I’m his unofficial, unpaid assistant LOL) and they were kind enough to respond to my last-minute plea to ship him another shirt overnight while he was on the road on the way back to Texas.

So thanks to the folks at Raygun, thanks to CM Punk for defending our rights, and thanks to everyone who asked because they want to wear this shirt too!