It’s been a while since I put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but I had a lot of fun making the Vegan Valentine’s Day Guide so I put on my window shopping hat and started this list. Just like the V-Day Guide, I’ll be adding to it as I find more fun stuff, so check back once in a while for new additions!

What’s so tough about shopping for Mother’s Day? Just get your mom or the mother figure in your life a World’s Greatest Mom coffee mug, some flowers, or an activity she can do with the kids, right? NO. Mother’s Day is about celebrating the folks who care for and nurture us as entire people with a wide variety of interests. Hopefully we acknowledge and show gratitude for these folks every day, but this day is one where we lay it on extra thick and encourage them to pamper themselves, explore their interests, and indulge.

In this guide, I’m suggesting gifts for very specific interests that many mothers and maternal figures I know share, and trying to focus on supporting small businesses in the meantime.

Spa Day – There’s a reason why this is a stereotypical Mother’s Day gift. Because mothers rarely spend more than a few minutes a day on themselves. So whether it’s a full spa day package, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi, a facial, or a massage, not just suggesting, but insisting that mom take that time for herself is a wonderful gift. If it’s out of budget, or mom is not yet ready to go out into the world (thanks, COVID) a local (to me), mom-owned business has lots of options to give your mom that experience at home. I love the house line of products by Lena Rose – from body scrubs to bath soaks, each deliciously scented product it made from high quality, all natural, and vegan-friendly ingredients. My personal favorites are the Java Sunrise Body Scrub and Celestial Cacao Body Butter, which smells just like a Frango Mint (chocolate mint.)

Pet Parent – I’m not putting pet parents at the end of the list as an afterthought. Oh no. As someone who has both human and fur children, I know how much love and care goes into raising all sorts of babies. So that’s why a pet paint-by-numbers from Apple Pie Painting is going right toward the top of my list. I love paint-by-numbers art, especially of pets, so this idea was almost made for me. (Hint, Tony – I want to paint Flappy and Lulu!) Choose from a single or multiple pet kit, or get a gift card. And if your mom isn’t the type to sit and paint, but loves her pets, maybe paint their portrait yourself and give her the finished product.

Mother Earth – I could honestly make an entire gift guide of just things you can purchase from Herbivore Clothing, and not just because co-founder Michelle and I once worked at a veg fest on Mother’s Day, away from our kids, and started crying when we talked about it. They have everything! Chocolate, clothing, accessories, cookbooks, decor – and it’s all vegan, and all of your purchases support an awesome vegan family-owned business. So maybe a gift card is just what you need, and mom can choose her own adventure. But if you want my personal recommendation, check out their collab bath & body care line with Perennial Soap. From lip balm to solid lotion bars you can pamper mom from head to toe with lovely scents such as Snickerdoodle cookie and lavender lemon.

For Nonna – I have very fond memories of eating my great-grandma’s homemade pizzelle, which she carefully packed inside of an empty Folgers coffee can. These light, crispy, Italian waffle cookies are best eaten with coffee or tea, but are also delicious with ice cream. I’ve tried to recreate them as a vegan, but because egg whites are a main ingredient, it can be tricky to get them just right. I was so thrilled when Vegan Pizzelles opened for business and started shipping their egg-free waffle cookies nationwide. By the time you read this, their Mother’s Day Box will either be available for sale or will be just about to be available (12pm PDT, April 11). The box includes a dozen dark chocolate pizzelle and pastel Jordan almonds.

True Crime Mama – This pick might be extremely specific to my own mother, the first true crime fan I ever knew. While it’s very trendy these days to have encyclopedic knowledge of serial killers, I remember my mom following these cases way back in the early 80s. The fact that a number of notorious serial killers were imprisoned and executed in my hometown of Joliet possibly adding to the fascination. She never glorified the killers, though, it was always out of empathy for the victims and their families that she was so interested in their crimes. That’s why the The Husband DId It shirt from True Crime Clothing always makes me think of her. Of course there’s also the Blame My Mother shirt if you want to send a message this Mother’s Day.

No Birthstones, Please – No, your mom doesn’t want a heart-shaped pendant or a bracelet with your initials on it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want some jewelry for Mother’s Day! Get her a beautiful pair of hoop earrings or a gemstone bracelet from Chouette Designs, a size-inclusive jewelry brand. They offer rings up to size 15, as well as length options for all of their necklaces and bracelets that are sure to make any mom feel loved and appreciated. They even offer ShopPay, so you can pay for your purchase in four installments.

Witchy Woman – That last option was recommended to me by Amanda, founder of LastCraft – a shop that has been the source of many gifts I’ve given my mom! If the maternal figure in your life loves music and pop culture, check out the altar candles. My mom has Prince and Tom Petty in her own home. Maybe your mom is into tarot, or likes to burn incense and enjoy a cup of hot tea with magical qualities? You can find all of those things and more at LastCraft.

Weird Moms Unite – Do you know a mom who has neck tattoos (besides me)? Maybe your best pal stands by herself at school sports events, or hides in the car at after school pick up? She’s a weird mom and she’s not alone. Drawings By Nicole has been celebrating and uniting weird moms for years now. A “weird mom” shirt, sticker, or pin, might be just what she needs to signal her weird mom status to other weird moms and make some friends on the playground.

I’m just getting started! Leave your Mother’s Day Gift Guide suggestions in the comments, or shoot me a DM on social media (I’m @bakeanddestroy everywhere). I’ll keep adding suggestions as I find more items!