You may or may not recall a few months back when I was a guest on the premiere episode of Masters of the Obvious podcast. Since then, this has quickly become my favorite pod to listen to while working (along with Scientology: Fair Game – I love you so much, Leah Remini.)

If you love nerdy stuff, hot takes, and pop culture news you’re going to love it too. Anyway, I was STOKED to be asked back for their second season to dunk on Wonder Woman 1984, the final hot poker to the butthole of 2020.

I hope you enjoy it – subscribe, buy merch, and tell your friends!

Obviously, Hot Takes Masters of the Obvious

On this episode of Masters of the Obvious, Kirsten & Cyn discuss new MCU trailers, Kanye West, celebrities who don’t bathe their children, and the movie White Lotus. Then Kirsten sits down with writer Kari Zander to play a game of Under/Over that devolves into a political debate.Brought to you by Use code "OBVIOUS" at checkout for 15% off!Support the show (
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