People have asked me why I love this show so much. I suppose if you’re just some guy and you tune into a random episode filled with bad New York accents and cops whispering, “bastard” and “sonofabitch” under their breath you might not get it either. But to me, and lots of other women I know, SVU represents a fantasy land in which rape and other crimes of a sexual nature are taken seriously. So seriously that New York City dedicates an elite squad of detectives to advocate for victims and to solve cases. What a beautiful fantasy indeed.

So here are five amazing things for you, or the Law and Order: SVU fanatic in your life.

1. Adam Was Allergic to Bananas Coffee Mug

Allergic to Bananas coffee mug from PopPastiche

Allergic to Bananas Coffee Mug – Inspired by an episode titled Russian Love Poem that aired in 2000, this mug is double-sided, featuring the most famous quote in series history:

“Do you think there was a reason that the killer sodomized your husband with a banana?”

“Adam was allergic to bananas.”

2. Begin at the Beginning

Season One DVD – My favorite thing about SVU is that you can literally just start watching any episode from any season, possibly from 20-minutes in, with no context, and figure out who everyone is and what’s going on. But it’s fun to go back to the very beginning, and owning the first season on DVD is the perfect way to do it. (Also, note to whoever makes the official merch… the phrase “spirit animal” is cultural appropriation and I was sad to see it on so many Olivia Benson-related items. I feel like Olivia would know better.)

3. Especially Heinous, Apparently

Hopefully still available LOL

Benson in the Streets, Stabler in the Sheets – I had the idea to make this shirt forever, and as soon as I finally did it, I found myself getting kicked off of every t-shirt platform on earth. C’mon guys, it’s just a joke! Olivia Benson would think it was funny… I think.

4. Dramatic Reenactments

Autographed Scripts – Hot tip for nerds of all types: you can find autographed scripts for just about anything on eBay. I can’t guarantee they’re authentic, but I can guarantee reading through an SVU script over dinner is a guaranteed night of fun.

5. What About Fin?

It works on two levels if you’re both an SVU fan and a Body Count fan

Ice T Embroidery – Olivia Benson is a goddess, no doubt. But there’s another SVU character near and dear to my heart, and that’s Fin Tutuloa, played by Ice T. His banter with Munch is some of my favorite, and he’s honestly one of the best-developed characters on the show. So why not celebrate him with this embroidered portrait?

If you spot any great SVU stuff floating around on the internet be sure to tag me @bakeanddestroy so I can check it out!