Paulie Gee’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago (find it among my other faves in my Chicago’s Best Vegan Eats Guide). It’s an omnivore, woodfired oven joint with extensive vegan options. We’re talking housemade faux meats, cheese that isn’t nasty old Daiya, vegan cake AND ice cream for dessert… I just love it. So I was EXTRA stoked when the owner of the Logan Square location, Derrick, asked me to compete in their first all-vegan Dough Down Throw Down pizza battle!

I got to choose my competition, and I had a long debate (with myself) about whether I should choose a vegan restaurant owner, some fancy chef, or one of my friends who has a small vegan business. I ultimately decided to challenge my friend Nahum, one of the chefs behind Ste Martaen and the Vegan Food Truck (and soon, Meet Stop) here in Chicago. I love Nahum’s food, and I love him as a person – so regardless of who wins I know we’ll have fun in the kitchen together and all the guests will have some killer pizzas.

As if that wasn’t going to be enough fun, I’ve asked my friend Chelsie, the cutie pie behind Hootenanny Vegan Country Kitchen to help me out the night of the battle.

Who: Me vs. Nahum!

What: A vegan pizza battle

When: Sunday, June 3, 5pm – 10pm

Where: Paulie Gee’s Logan Square

Why: Because for just $30 you’ll get 1/2 of each pizza, a cocktail and a housemade vegan dessert (plus there will be additional vegan ala carte items available, including slices of cake from Pie, Pie My Darling

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