vegan black licoriceWhether you call it anise or licorice, being pro-this-flavor is one of the most polarizing opinions I have. Black licorice. It tastes like medicine. It smells like Halloween. It makes my mouth numb. It makes people who don’t like it actually get angry with you that you do. I love it. So here are five ways to let your flavor freak flag fly, celebrating anise in all it’s shiny black glory.

1. None More Black Licorice Perfume Oil

Bath Sabbath gets the #1 spot this week because Virginia is my #1 babe. Her soaps and scents are the things of metal dreams, and she is a wizard putting together spicy, woodsy smells that are anything but rosy. I especially love None More Black – a dram of pure, no fucks given black licorice scent with just a touch of saltiness.

2. Jingles-ish Cookies

You guys know Jingles? They’re the Keebler cookies your grandma buys for Christmas and no one eats them. No one but me. Until I went vegan. These days I have to make my own crispy anise cookies but when paired with a cup of spicy cinnamon tea they’re well-worth the effort. Just use this recipe and sub vegan margarine for butter. For an authentic experience, top with vegan decorating sugar.

3. Absinthe Lip Balm

I could probably do a whole separate post about how weird it is to be straight edge and obsessed with absinthe (it’s just so wonderfully GOTH) but instead I will tell you about my favorite lip balm. It’s from a vegan company called The Quixotic Eye. She makes lots of fun scents so I like to place big orders and spend weeks trying them all. The green fairy won’t disappoint, though.

4. Anise Toothpaste

I admit that I first bought Uncle Harry’s Anise Toothpaste at a vegan market just to make everyone in my house yell at me and tell me I’m gross. But this totally weird toothpaste, made from anise, eucalyptus, clove, bentonite clay, and other all-natural ingredients really makes my teeth feel smooth and clean. (Aaaaand it makes everyone yell at me and tell me I’m gross.)

5. Licorice Chews

Last but not least, eat the licorice! My favorite soft licorice is Newman’s Own Licorice Twists. Partially because they have a nice texture and strong, but not bitter flavor – and partially because Paul Newman was such a babe! Even in his 80s he still coulda got it. Damn.

What shall I tackle next week? Tell me in the comments!

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