Sunday night is meal prep night in my house. It’s a lot less daunting than it sounds. We take a few minutes after dinner and before Game of Thrones to wash the produce we’re going to use for the week, chop a few things, maybe whirl together a vegan cheese sauce or salad dressing, and then it’s off to see what Jon Snow is up to before bed. The rest of the week, thanks to those couple minutes of prep, we’re generally able to pack a healthy lunch and throw together a quick dinner without much hassle.

Katy Beskow has a similar philosophy on her blog Little Miss Meat-Free, and now in her new cookbook 15 Minute Vegan: Fast, Modern Vegan Cooking. The book is filled with smart short cuts to make filling breakfasts, sides, entrees and even desserts. It’s a no-presh intro to vegan food for beginners, and a “ah-hah” book of new ideas for old pros.

I chose this breakfast recipe to share because so many healthy breakfast options require loads of prep – whether it’s pressing tofu or making puff pastry, and this one takes literal minutes.

Recipe excerpted with permission from 15 Minute Vegan by Katy Beskow, published by Quadrille July 2017, RRP $22.99 hardcover. Please note that some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you click – but this is not a paid or sponsored post.