I was on my way to a work event when a meme someone posted on Instagram stopped me in my tracks. Long story short, it was inferring that women who post selfies are less intelligent and socially aware than those who don’t. Basically that we’re too busy taking selfies to make a positive impact on the world. (This was aimed specifically at women, but I’ve seen plenty of ill-will online for men who post selfies too – possibly even more so than women.)

It really burns my biscuits that people are constantly put in the position of defending their self-confidence. We all struggle – every single one of us – so what’s wrong with feelin’ yourself once in a while? Or all the time? I, for one, love to see your selfies, and will continue to post my own as long as it makes me happy to do so. I could go on, but it seems I already did in my Instagram Story, so here’s the rest:

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