Tony SlaterBetween June 4 and June 11, Tony and I will be celebrating ten years of unholy matrimony (we were married on 6/6/06) by leaving our beloved Chicago to tool around New York and Philly for a week. I travel to New York pretty often on official I Heart Keenwah business, and I try to meet up with friends at vegan spots whenever I do, but I know there’s lots more to see, do and eat and I want Tony to experience it all with me.

So here’s our current list of sights, eats and shopping stuff, but I need your help! Did I miss a must-see? (Or must-eat?) Is something on my list sure to disappoint? Any hot tips? We especially need suggestions for non-eating things as we can only eat so much in a day. Use the comments section to be my guide!

We’re staying in Brooklyn right next to Prospect Park so I’m dragging Tony over to see the Peter Steele bench since last time I went I was alone and it was raining. We’re planning on renting a car to trek out to Woodstock Sanctuary, too, so if there’s anything a little further out we should do feel free to mention that too!

New York

Neapolitan @ Superiority Burger

Neapolitan @ Superiority Burger

Champs Diner – Tony and I were married at Chicago Diner, so I think celebrating 10 years at Brooklyn’s spin on vegan diner food is only fitting. Plus I’m obsessed with their milkshakes.

By CHLOE – Chloe Coscarelli is a goddess and I worship her cookbooks. I’ve been saving this one for a time when I could go with Tony – we can’t wait!

Superiority Burger – This is the only request Tony has made. The drummer from Born Against (also a James Beard Award-winning pastry chef) has a vegan burger spot. So yeah, we’re doing that for sure.

Marty’s V Burger – There’s no location yet, but I’m hoping we can track them down at an event because I tried their stuff at NYC Veg Food Fest and I’ve been telling Tony about it ever since.

V Spot – The Park Slope location is really close to where we’re staying and I didn’t get a chance to try them at the fest in May so we’ll definitely walk over for empanadas.



M.O.B. – I’m about them Mob dogs.

Candle 79 – Tony only knows them by the frozen meals I take for lunch sometimes, but I think this place is really delicious, and we could use at least one fancy anniversary dinner, right? Or should we go to Dirt Candy instead?

Blossom Du Jour – This will be good to grab on the go, the smoky avocado wrap is dope, and I can say hi to my friend Brendan!

Dun-Well Doughnuts –  Last time I went I tried to take them home with me even though the guy told me not to. He was right. Gonna try that again.

There's a good chance we'll hate this.

There’s a good chance we’ll hate this.

Museum of Sex – Yeah that’s right. Top of the list. Tony is dreading this because he knows I’ll be giggling through every single exhibit.

The Guggenheim – Because of course.

Morbid Anatomy Museum – If we do to Mütter in Philly we probably won’t do this too.

Coney Island – Should we? Shouldn’t we? If we do, what should we do?


Riverdel Vegan Cheese – A vegan cheese shop. I mean, I honestly might die.

Croissant-infused chocolate caramels @ Lag

Croissant-infused chocolate caramels @ Lag

Lagusta’s Luscious Chocolates – I’ve been stalking them online for years and finally got to try some fancy chocolates at the Veg Fest. This is going to be like visiting mecca.

Haymaker’s Corner Store – I plan on walking into as many vegan grocery stores as possibly simply to scratch my head and wonder why Chicago doesn’t have one.

SlapBack – This place looks super cute, even if I always look a little derpy in rockabilly clothes


Vegan Treats - I might actually explode. Pic by

Vegan Treats – I might actually explode. Pic by

Vegan Treats – I’ve been mail-ordering for some time, my body is ready for the real deal

Dottie’s Donuts – I’ve been stalking Philly vegans on Instagram and all signs point to this place

Blackbird Pizzeria – An all vegan pizza joint? Eff yes.

Grindcore House – I have been dying to go here. Metal. Coffee. Vegans. So into it.

Philly Cheesesteak – Last time I was in Philly I got one at Govinda’s – still the spot or should I try somewhere else?

Tattooed Mom – Can you believe I haven’t been? Last time I was in town it was with a bunch of non-vegan grumps who hated fun.

Vedge – I’m not sure if I’m going to feel like being fancy in Philly, but if I do, this is where we’ll go.

You bet your butt I'm taking a photo next to this thing.

You bet your butt I’m taking a photo next to this thing.


Mütter Museum – if we don’t go to the Morbid Anatomy Museum in NYC

Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site – My second crush as a girl. My first crush was Panthro from the Thundercats.

Rocky steps – If you only remember one thing about me, it’s that Rocky is my all-time favorite movie and Sylvester Stallone is a part of me forever.

Magic Gardens – Public artwork, I’m into it.

Yes. Let's do this.

Yes. Let’s do this.

Crash Bang Boom – Reminds me of The Alley, but not.

Phila Flea Market – I’m not sure what days we’ll be in town, but I’m hoping to check this out

Prof. Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium – Reminds me of Uncle Fun, but possibly weirder?

What Else?

We have a whole week, so what else should we pack in?