Book_2016A lot has changed in the three years since my first book came out – but one thing that hasn’t changed is my complete and utter devotion to the Pope of Mope, Morrissey. (Update: lol well, this has also changed. Ugh, Morrissey. Y U so racist?)

Moz has inspired so many of us to go vegan over the years, and this year, inspired me to write a new book filled with recipes influenced by his music. And bonus: they can all be prepared and/or served in Mason jars.

Recipes include:

  • How Soon is Bao
  • The First of the Gang to Fry
  • Heaven Knows I’m Moussaka Now
  • I’m Throwing My Arms Around Pizza
  • This Charming Flan
  • Some Grills Are Bigger Than Others

If you’re excited for this book you’ll definitely want to check out my other books, Bake and Destroy:Good Food For Bad Vegans, Kale and Kill96 Vegan Recipes Inspired by the Speaker-Blowing Music of Manowar, Caught in a Nosh: 125 Vegan Kosher Recipes and Eat Shit and Die: 101 Killer Recipes from Bake and Destroy!

JK LOL and happy April Fool’s Day to you all!

PS The images for this book cover are from the following: Morrissey image, noodle salad, cupcakes, breakfast jar.