Quinoa and maple syrup, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. No, for real. Not only do quinoa’s toasty, nutty flavors sing when touched with a┬átouch of naturally sweet maple syrup, but I Heart Keenwah and Pure Canadian Maple Syrup are both going to be represented in the Finisher’s Village at next month’s Fit Foodie 5k in Chicago. Another common thread? I am a maple syrup connoisseur and I work for I Heart Keenwah – so I’ll be right there to meet all the finishers!

(Update: This giveaway is closed.) Pure Canadian Maple Syrup was kind enough to offer me two tickets to giveaway – so why not enter now? If you win, not only will you get to run the tastiest 5k in the city, but afterwords you’ll hobnob with celebrity chefs, sample healthy snacks and not-so-healthy beer and wine, and best of all (in my opinion) you will get to high-five me.

Need even more maple and quinoa? Try this tasty recipe from Pure Canadian Maple Syrup!

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