11705098_10154114591003266_586242884951875628_nA few years ago, New York hardcore band Sick of It All and I had a very public conversation about the nastiness of soy yogurt. They recommended coconut, but I was too scarred by my soy experience to try it until now.

Coconut Dream just launched a non-dairy yogurt made with coconut milk (and non-GMO ingredients) and I am here to tell you that not only is it not gross, it’s actually quite good. I got to try all five flavors – original, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. If you’re not a huge coconut fan you might want to skip the original, but I thought the other flavors were pretty mellow in the coconuttiness. Original is perfect for baking – which is what I did.


Photo by Nicola / CC BY 2.0

I also recently received an awesome set of Enjoy Life Foods‘ new vegan, gluten-free baking mixes. I used Coconut Dream Original in the muffin mix with Enjoy Life Foods’ muffin mix and dairy-free chocolate chunks to make some killer muffins.

The Giveaway

The folks at Coconut Dream have offered up 10 prize packs to Bake and Destroy readers – each containing $25 worth of product coupons, plus Almond Dream swag like tote bags and such so you can up your vegan street cred.

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