Death to False Vegans

Death to False Vegans

The only thing I love more than vegan food is the true metal stylings of Auburn, New York’s own Manowar. So when it came time to get inspired for my next cookbook, I put Fighting the World on an endless loop and got cooking. The result? Ninety six brand-new recipes inspired by Guinness World Record holders for loudest performance, Manowar. Oh, and a foreword written by the greatest metal nerd of our time, Brian Posehn.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to find out when pre-orders are open, here’s a preview of the Meals of Fire you’ll find inside:

  • Blood Orange of Kings Quinoa Bowl
  • Heart of Steel Cut Oat Bars (preview!)
  • Tofu Scramble of the Hammer
  • Sting of the Bumblebee-free Honee Cakes
  • Farro Logan Risotto
  • Blackened Tofu List
  • Death to False Kettle Corn
  • Pie for Metal
  • The Demon’s Whipped Cream
  • and so many more!

If you’re excited for this book you’ll definitely want to check out my other books, Bake and Destroy:Good Food For Bad Vegans, Wide Mouth Strikes Again: 96 Moz-Inspired mason Jar RecipesCaught in a Nosh: 125 Vegan Kosher Recipes and Eat Shit and Die: 101 Killer Recipes from Bake and Destroy!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is just a April Fool’s Day joke. I did this in honor of my oldest friend, Tony Loza, who is moving to Australia today to be with his lady love. I will miss you so much, and keep all of our Manowar DVD-viewing parties in my heart. Best of luck on the other side of the world! (For the record, Heart of Steel Cut Oat Bars and Bake and Destroy:Good Food For Bad Vegans are both real.)