Tony SlaterTony, aka my favorite person in the world, has a birthday in just a few days. But what do you get the man who hates everything? No, that isn’t accurate. Tony likes a lot of stuff – late 80s and early 90s hardcore, camping, Mini Coopers and Larry David. But in those particular realms of interest, he already owns what he wants (short of a Larry David tattoo, which he currently does want and does not have).

I was poking around Downwrite, this site that connects you with singer/songwriters you can hire to write a song for you and I saw Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids on the list of available artists. Tony and I basically fell in love over The Get Up Kids. (Well, and a mix tape he made me of straight edge anthems, many of which were composed by the less romantic band Slapshot.)

I answered some questions about the song style I wanted, gave Matt some details about our relationship (the fact that Tony was my then-boyfriend’s friend, how impressed I was by his plans to match his Judge shirt to his Nikes to attend a Morrissey concert, the fact that he’s always right about people and how much I hate that) and a few weeks later, I received a ┬ámy very own song via email.

Tony just heard it for the first time and loved it. Needless to say, I am crying all the tears. Take a listen – I hope you like it too!