Hey guess what? I’m a speaker at TECHmunch this year. Yeah, me! And you can come too, just check out the end of this post! I’m on a panel called Going Beyond the Blog: Inspiring Conversation with Top Bloggers – my fellow panelists and I will be talking about how we turned our food blogs into books, TV shows and careers. Ooooh, educational! Anyway, if you’re in Chicago on June 27th and you’re interested in food blogging – from taking photos (which I am horrible at, and look forward to learning about) to monetizing your blog to just telling a better story come check it out! 

There are a handful of tickets left, and you can save $100 on yours when you enter chicago14 – get tickets here – or enter the giveaway below.

Oh, and I couldn’t find any relevant photos for this post so here’s a gif of me sniffing a donut. Enjoy.

natalie slater bake and destroy

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