I had a chance to check out Vegg, the plant-based egg yolk replacer that’s been simultaneously sweeping and weirding out the vegan community. Yes, there are lots of whole food options for egg replacement in your recipes (click here to download my handy egg & dairy replacement sheet), but none of them give that rich, yolky flavor chicken eggs do. Vegg does. So much so, that it might freak you out a little bit at first. In fact, you can actually make “egg yolks” with Vegg, like this:

The Giveaway

I thought I’d share a recipe from The Vegg Cookbook that a lot of you have asked me for – vegan crepes – and give one of you your own 4.5 oz container of Vegg (which makes about 99 vegan egg yolks) and a copy of The Vegg Cookbook. The giveaway is below the recipe, and is open to anyone with a U.S. shipping address.

The Part Where I Tell You Why Eggs Are Gross

logoOh, and if you’re curious about why someone would be opposed to eating eggs, you should read this. Please don’t waste your time commenting about your uncle who owns a farm full of happy, egg-laying chickens. I’ve heard it all before. Honestly if all of these kindly farmer uncles people claim to have really existed the world would be even more overpopulated than it already is. And even if you personally get your eggs from hens that you take good care of, please understand that most people don’t. Most people buy commercially produced eggs from the grocery store and have no idea that even “free range” eggs contribute to the death of thousands of male chicks.

And now, Vegan Crepes…

This recipe was contributed to The Vegg Cookbook by Karmatarian, and shared here with permission from Vegg.

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