You know the rules, you’ve seen the prizes, and now it’s time to meet the folks who will make or break this year’s SugarSlam champion! It’s true, this is an impressive line up of one intimidating super star after the other – but don’t fret – these judges have been hand-picked due to their love of SugarSlam and all that it stands for. These three are committed to choosing the most creative confection that truly demonstrates the spirit of pro-wrestling fandom!

Marty DeRosa

His self-deprecating sense of humor and an uncanny knowledge of pro-wrestling has made Marty a fan-favorite comedian since 2006. He’s the host of Wrestling With Depression, the funniest podcast about depression you’ll ever listen to, and co-host of $5 Wrestling with Colt Cabana. You can follow Marty on Twitter @MartyDeRosa 

Jill Thompson

Comic book writer and illustrator Jill Thompson is best known for her work on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, as well as her own comics Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie and Beasts of Burden. She loves watching rasslin’ and making ice cream pizza and cookies for cool people! Keep and eye out for her upcoming Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter, check out her website, and follow her on Twitter at @TheJillThompson

Colt Cabana

What can we tell you about pro-wrestler Colt Cabana that you don’t already know? Popular for years on the independent circuit, Colt is also the host of The Art of Wrestling and co-host of $5 Wrestling with Marty DeRosa.  He’s funny, he’s adorable, and he was the inspiration for not one but two tasty treats on this site! Buy his gear, and follow him on Twitter at @ColtCabana