Simply FruitTeno and I admit we have a lot of kinks to work out in this whole reviewing stuff process. After posting¬†review-after-review of Pringles potato snacks on YouTube this summer (seriously, watch them, they’re hilarious), and even a few guest spots on The Snackpot, we figured posting regular reviews of healthy kids snacks and recipes for kids would be no big deal. But it’s taken us months to finally get around to doing some actual reviews for Food Puncher, and we’d apologize except that we’re too busy playing Nintendoland.

This week, Teno checked out Fruit Roll-Ups Simply Fruit ($2.99/10 pk). We usually buy him fruit leather from Trader Joe’s but he brings his lunch to school and there’s a lot of pressure on these little dudes to have cool stuff in their lunch bags. Sadly for Trader Joe’s, hippy fruit snacks are not considered cool. Honestly, though, Simply Fruit is pretty decent. It’s 90% juice, no artificial coloring, no HFC, and one roll counts as one serving of fruit. But what does Teno think? Well, if he can get the package open, he’ll tell you…

PS We promise to buy a tripod. 

Do you have a healthy kid’s snack or recipe for kids you want Teno to try? Let us know about it in the comments!