Natalie Slater

photo by Sean Dorgan

I just got home from the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco and I’m scooting off to the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas in a few days but I did manage to squeeze some fun into my few days at home.

Since Morrissey canceled on us again (get well soon, Moz!) I spent Saturday morning shooting photos for my book with Sean Dorgan. The morning started out disastrously – I won’t get into it, but let’s just say six dozen cupcakes down the drain – but I had Melisser from Cruelty-Free Face on hand to do my make up, Tressa Slater from Salon Tress fixin’ my hair and a certain international playgirl standing by to snap Instagram photos of the whole thing – so how could I lose?

The next day, after a late night of vegan eats at Karyn’s on Green, I braved the sleet and snow to pop into my friend Chris‘ podcast, The Deep End. We took some questions from listeners and gabbed about friendship, dating, and how blow jobs are similar to my favorite Thai dish. (For serious!) Anyway, if you care to listen you can download the episode right here.

If you decide to listen in, come back here and let me know what you thought. I have a few items to give away courtesy of the deadXstop publishing corporation, I think you might like ’em.