For the first time in SugarSlam history, the judges were not able to unanimously decide on a champion! Two of the 80+ entries were tied, each with a total of 13 out of 15 possible points. With no official rules about what to do in the case of a tie, I went back to the very first SugarSlam judge ever – CM Punk – and asked him to choose between the two amazing finalists.

But before we announce the winners, let’s see what the judges had to say about some of their favorites:

Cm Punk butt cake The Other Face of CM Punk – Verity Gow

“I laughed out loud when I saw this and then the explanation of the artist being ‘rubbish at making faces’ really sold it for me. A great trait is knowing your weakness and working around them. Also- it’s a butt.” – Amy Dumas

Check out Verity’s description here.

Jake The Cake Roberts – Melissa (2011 SugarSlam Champion)

“… it was between this and Luna for my number two pick.  I’m not dogging on this cake, but if the artist had put forth a  little more effort in ‘cleaning’ it up a bit it might have taken the cake for me.  However the fact that it does look a little like a snake slithering out of a steamy pile of chocolate do-do DOES makes me happy.” – Justin Howard

“Not only amazing looking, creative and looks like it took forever- but sounds like it would taste good.” – Amy Dumas

Check out Melissa’s description here.

Boom Boom Berry Blintzes – Heather Finnimore

“I loved this one because I wanted to eat it right away. I also liked the thought put into something and the creation not being such a literal translation. I think Colt Cabana would approve.” – Amy Dumas

Check out Heather’s description here.

The Marshmallow from Madrid – Nicole Sevcik

“I would have put this at #1, as I have a soft spot in my heart for my ex-husband, but I think this creation is better looked at than eaten- marshmallow overload.” – Amy Dumas

“Fucking bad ass.  I’m amazed at what people can do with food – and this food artist, YES artist – has got some skill.  The creator mentioned wanting to bite his nose off, but I for some weird reason really want to peel that fruit roll up candy off his face and make a mask of my own.  Fucking awesome job.” – Justin Howard

Check out Nicole’s description here.

If you’re curious, I had a few favorites of my own:

Dusty Rhodes Fallen Muffler Cupcakes – If you’d asked me to turn this disgusting story into a cupcake I would have told you it was impossible. Kudos to this entry for going there.

“Oh what a Whoop!” Legion of Doom Whoopie Pies – This entry proves that you don’t have to be a cake sculptor to tell a story. I love that I could actually make these.

Ultimate Warrior (Cup) Cake – Dude. His face paint is inside the cake. How?!?! Is anyone else seeing this?

The Rocky Road Warrior Suuuuugar Ruuuuuush – I just love picturing this thing being in someone’s house. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to go to the party where this was served?

Luna Vachon Daughter of Darkness Moon Pie Cake – I personally declared the contest over when I saw this one. I idolized Luna Vachon when I was a kid and this rendition was done with love, I can tell.

Sheikie Baby’s Hulk Hogan Raisin Balls  – A tribute to the greatest Twitter account of all time, Iron Sheik. He’ll fuck your ass and make you humble, and also, you have raisin balls.

But enough about me! Here’s a word from Mike Edison about this year’s finalists:


So it’s come down to this – two of the most disturbed things to come out of an oven since 1943. Too soon, you say? Eat me. I am a lot less scary than these confections.

I just heard that CM Punk, current WWE champ and a real fucking mensch (the first part of that equation will naturally come and go, the second is forever) is going to be the tie-breaking judge and jury in this here SugarSlam, and I envy him not. I have no idea what I’d do….

My first reaction to Jake the Cake was to call John Carpenter and see if this were the true remake of ‘The Thing.’ Frankly, it is fucking with my head and I wish someone could have just done something nice for a change, but there you have it. Thought this one was the winner until I saw…

Kane The Marshmallow from Madrid, and even if this entry doesn’t win, the artist responsible deserves some kind of award coz anyone who can write a sentence like ‘The eyes are sour apple French Bon Bon candies, coated in gel icing (store bought) with chocolate sprinkle eyelashes & a thin sliced layer of black Twizzler for eyeliner’ let alone execute it should prolly be working for Industrial Light and Magic.

Dunno if I am in a rush to put either of these things in my mouth, but holy mother of all things big and small, you brainfuckers are sending me straight to the bong guitar. Thank yer lucky stars the guy who is making the decision doesn’t go that route. Punk – they are in your hands now.” – Mike Edison

 And the winner is…

The Marshmallow from Madrid by Nicole Sevcik!!!

“The description alone wins. Mucho detail and thought, reading it was a joy. I’m not a marshmallow guy, though. So I don’t think I’d enjoy eating it as much as Jake the Cake. So Kane it is!” – CM Punk


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