Teno Slater: Food Puncher

So here’s the deal – earlier this week on the Bake and Destroy Facebook page I shared a Delicious Living photo album featuring “kid-friendly veggie recipes” that Teno would never eat in a million years. My comment said something to that effect, and a few commenters, including Delicious Living insisted that Teno would eat apricot squash rollups if only I’d make them for him.

Well I’m always up for a challenge, and the fact is I need stuff to blog about while I finish writing my cookbook so I pitched Teno and idea for a new Bake and Destroy segment in which I make him healthy recipes that people insist “kids will love” and he gives his honest feedback, on video, about whether or not he likes them.

Not only did Teno agree to blog with me, but he named his segment FOOD PUNCHER. This kid is a fuckin’ genius!

Awesome Contest!!!

Here’s where YOU come in! I’m asking you guys to design a homepage slide for my site for FOOD PUNCHER. Illustration, Photoshop thing, whatever you do – just make it 743 x 230 px and submit it to me via email, on Tumblr, or post it on my Facebook wall. Let’s say entries are due August 31st.

What will you get if Teno chooses your slide? Well, not only will we credit you and link to your junk on our first post, but Teno will write you a thank you letter and send you a box of snacks that he would not punch. Also, you can say you knew Teno before he became the first ninja president.

Need photo reference? There are lots of pictures of Teno on my Instagram account, although you don’t have to include a picture or drawing of Teno in the slide if you don’t want to.

I’m excited to see what you guys come up with, thanks!