You may have noticed that things are looking different around Bake and Destroy! Girl’s Town re-designed the entire site, including the logo, making it easier to navigate and all-around cooler. Meanwhile, my dude Ken Rosenkrantz came up with a brand-new t-shirt design based on my favorite old hardcore shirts.

I opened up a new shop over on Spreadshirt and have been thrilled with the feedback from my customers. For most of my shirts you can choose your own base color – I’ve already sent out shirts on purple, although black still seems to be the most popular color. The print quality is phenomenal – on par with screen printing – and unlike when I was shipping everything out of my house, you actually get tracking on your orders and international shipping isn’t astronomically expensive.

So thank you to everyone who has already ordered and sent me pictures. If you’re looking to make your own custom t-shirts I highly recommend Spreadshirt – but why make your own when you could just buy mine?