One of the most exciting parts about organizing SugarSlam each year is putting together the perfect judging panel. Godzilla knows it’s a job I don’t want, so I need a group with strong opinions, a wealth of wrestling knowledge and above all, an inherent love of goofiness.This year’s group of judges nailed it – but just for good measure, I asked former judge Mike Edison to return as a special guest commentator. So, without further ado, here are your SugarSlam III judges:

Amy Dumas Lita with cakeAmy Dumas

What can I tell you about Amy Dumas, WWE’s Lita, that you don’t already know? Arguably the most popular Diva in WWE history, she’s a four-time Women’s Champion, Raw Diva of the Decade Nominee, and her Litasault is pretty bad ass. Beyond wrestling, though, Amy is well known in the punk rock scene as the host of PunkRockalypse and as the lead singer in The Luchagors. She’s an animal lover, entrepreneur, musician, athlete, Pee-Wee Herman fan and all-around righteous ladydude. Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyDumas 

Nordic Thunder

Wyoming-native Justin Howard is best known as his stage name, Nordic Thunder. The current reigning U.S. Air Guitar Champion, Justin will be performing a halftime show for the U.S. Air Guitar championships in Chicago on June 29th and defending his title in Denver on July 21st. He’ll be looking for super-creative entries this year as this is a guy who knows how to use his imagination. If you’re still wondering what makes Justin an idea SugarSlam III judge, I offer you this video of him in action:

Follow Justin on Twitter at @NordicThunder

Zach LinderZach Linder

As a multimedia producer at, Zach knows a thing or two about professional wrestling. One of the Upright Citizens Brigade Wrestling (UCBW) MegaStars, he lampoons the world of pro-wrestling every Thursday night at 11pm in the UCBW CageMatch, the “longest running weekly episodic professional wrestling comedy show underneath a supermarket in the history of the world.” Past shows have featured Colt Cabana and Mick Foley! If you’re in NYC check out UCBW ReVengeance on July 28th. Follow @UCBW and @zachlinder on Twitter.

Mike Edison

An esteemed member of last year’s judging panel, author, musician, wrestling fan and shower beer connoisseur Mike Edison is back as a special guest commentator this year. You can read more about Mike in his write-up from the last SugarSlam, follow him on Twitter at @MrMikeEdison, check out his latest book Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! and watch this amazing video of him:

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