Monster Mash Apron

Back in 2010 I posted a Q&A with the founder and head designer of Cupcake Provocateur, Cynthia. A lot has happened since then, including Cynthia’s recent announcement that she has a mini cupcake in the oven (translation: a baby on the way!) But despite all the hubbub at Cupcake Provocateur headquarters, Cynthia asked me to host another custom apron contest and giveaway!

Just like our last competition, this is your chance to design & win your own custom made Cupcake Provocateur apron. Here’s how it works:

  1. You email Cynthia and me your design – it can be a sketch or a collage that represents your idea.
  2. Don’t worry about being an ace illustrator, because we’re also asking that you include a short description of your dream apron. (No more than 300 words, please!)
  3. Cynthia and I will choose our top 3-5 favorite submissions and post them right here on Bake and Destroy.
  4. My readers will vote for the winner – and one lucky voter will also win something special for him or herself.
  5. The winner, as chosen by Bake and Destroy readers, will have his or her custom apron brought to life by Cynthia – and it will be the winner’s to keep!

Check out my video to see my dream apron idea and to hear me babble about this year’s contest:

The contest is open until April 30. We’ll post our top picks in early May. Email your submissions to and good luck!

Oh, and if you’re the curious-type, here is last competition’s video too. (Please note that the submission email address has changed since the 2010 contest!)

Check out the 2010 winning submission & finished custom apron here! Please allow 3- weeks after a winner is chosen fr the custom apron to be finished and shipped!