Entries keep on rollin’ in for the second not-so-annual Cupcake Provocateur Bake and Destroy Custom Apron Contest! A week or so ago I shared a few of my favorite entries so far, but we’ve received a lot more since then so I’m sharing a few more. Remember. you have until April 30th to send your sketches, collages and ideas to us at CPApron2012@gmail.com. Then Cynthia and I will choose our top picks and Bake and Destroy readers will vote on a winner. Someone will win a prize just for voting, too, so it’s fun for everyone!

Check out all of the official rules here, and you can see the previous winning idea here. And now for a peak at some of the entries:

All I can say is that if Amanda S. wins with her Game of Thrones-themed submission “A Spatula in the Dark,” I’m going to have to ask Cynthia to make me one too. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

A Spatula in the Dark

Agnes B.’s Mod-inspired design is so cute you could almost wear it as a dress. You might also know Agnes as Betty Turbo, by the way, she’s a wrestling fan and fine donut artist and if she wins she promises to paint her nails to match her prize:

Mod apron

Your final peak (although there are many, many amazing aprons currently in our inbox) is this one from Crystal G. Ok, so maybe I was slightly influenced to share this one because she sketched me wearing her lemon meringue apron… but let this be a lesson to all of you: flattery will get you everywhere!

Natalie Slater sketch apron

Like I said, we’re accepting entries until April 30th and the winner is going to receive his or her dream apron custom made by Cynthia! Who owns a custom apron? That is some posh shit you guys! Get to work, because the next post you see about this is going to be for the final vote!