Photo by Courtney Ivo

I have some news & updates to share and I figured I’d stick them all in once place so you can ignore them all at the same time rather than having to ignore several tweets and Facebook updates.

First of all, I’ll be in New York City and Miami next month and hoping to see some of you guys while I’m in both places. the New York trip is kind of whirlwind (I really can’t wait until I’m allowed to say what it’s all about – follow me on Twitter to find out!) but the Miami trip is 6 days so that should leave me with some hang out time. Check out the Facebook events – I’ll be posting updates to where I am in each city on those pages: New York & Miami

Also, tomorrow (Jan, 28th) is my mom’s birthday! I’m taking her to get her first tattoo (Morrissey lyrics – jealous?) and we’re having dinner at Mana Food Bar because in addition to being a Morrissey fan, she also recently went vegetarian! Yay mom!  If you’re on Twitter you can wish her a happy birthday tomorrow – she’s @bossylynne

Did you happen to see my business partner Katya and I in Crain’s Chicago Business earlier this week? Well, you can check it out on the Greyslater blog. Also, there is apparently a picture of me in Inked Magazine this month – who knew? Check out my Press Page for more unattractive bragging.

Finally, I would like to cordially invite you all to Mat Arluck’s Birthday/Arluck Time DVD Release Show! Back in 2010 we all got together to celebrate the life of our friend Mat, which was cut short by his battle with cancer. We raised a bunch of money that night for Grind for Life, and the whole thing was documented in this DVD! If you’ll be in the Chicago area on February 4th get your tickets and come on by. Just like in 2010 I’ll be heading up a 100% non-profit bake sale featuring vegan and conventional treats, not to mention exclusive Bake and Destroy accessories made by Lucky Cupcake Hairclips. And of course, like last time, ticket sales, raffles and other stuff will all benefit Grind for Life.

Thanks for reading my update! (Oh and a special thank you to everyone who has written me such sweet, supportive emails over the past year since my dad’s passing. I write back to each one of you, but I just wanted to say again how much it means to me that you take the time to do that.)