I’m a big fan of Mike Edison’s book I Have Fun Everywhere I Go, so I was thrilled to hear he was coming out with another book, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! I was groin-grabbingly excited to also find out he was not only stopping in Chicago during his promo tour, but that he would be making an appearance at my favorite pizza shop, Ian’s Pizza in Wrigleyville.

If you’re in the Chicago-area on Saturday November 5th please stop by Ian’s at 7pm to see Mike and to try a slice of the Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! Pizza – a saucy combination of sausage and clam (wink wink.) Accompanying Mike will be piano ace Mickey Finn. Mike has suggested that they might play a version of my favorite song “I Like to Hurt People” if I show up in my Roddy Piper costume. So I will be there, root beer in hand, eye poking you all.

Even if you can’t make the 5th, you have to try a slice of Mike’s namesake pie the week of October 31st, until November 6th.

Oh! And if you missed out on the CM Punk G.T.S. pizza the first time around, Ian’s is serving it by the slice during the week of Thanksgiving so get it while you can!

Now, put on your 3-D glasses and enjoy the trailer for Mike’s latest book! No 3-D glasses? E-mail DDDglasses@gmail.com and they’ll send you a pair while supplies last!