I’ve been wanting to do a Halloween buying guide forever. Like, since I started my blog in 2006 forever. All I needed was 5 years and a swift kick in the butt from my good friend Cuppy from Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. If you follow her blog, you already know that Cuppy wears the cutest outfits, has the craftiest friends and the coolest tattoos. So who better to help me put this guide together?

And since it’s just not Halloween without treats, I’ve decided to give a Bake and Destroy coffee mug (goat or classic logo, your choice!) to one of my readers. Just leave me a comment about your Halloween costume this year, your favorite Halloween candy or your favorite scary movie to enter! (Please note this contest is now closed!)

Without further ado, here is your official guide to Halloween cuteness from me and Cuppy!

Frankenstein's Monster Mary Janes Em & Sprout Etsy Halloween Shoes

Frankenstein's Monster Mary Janes

Want to get in the Halloween spirit without looking like a total dingus? Cuppy suggests a pair of adorbs Mary Janes from Em & Sprout. Vampires, monsters, ghosts, pumpkins and more – each one cuter than the last. Em & Sprout also makes handmade Halloween masks, tote bags, accessories and other things – in plus sizes, too! Order by October 9th for Halloween delivery!

Bela Lugosi halloween necklace etsy

Ciao bella!

Pay homage to the one and only Bela Lugosi on Halloween (and all year) with this amazing laser cut stainless steel pendant. Fable & Fury also features the gorgeous Vampira, the Bride of Frankenstein and lots of other spooky icons you’ll love! “Like” them on Facebook for special deals.

monster mash apron coupon cupcake provocateur halloween

It was a graveyard smash!

Halloween is simply not Halloween without the Monster Mash – and I prefer mine in apron-form. Pair this Cupcake Provocateur apron with heels and a Bride of Frankenstein wig and it’s a monster housewife costume (especially when paired with matching dish-washing gloves!) After Halloween, it’ll still be our favorite apron. Save 10% with the coupon code over there to your right!

Never seen Mad Monster Party? Ok. Well when you’re done reading this post and sharing it with everyone you know, go over to Amazon, order it, and then don’t do anything important until you’ve seen it. Two words: Phyllis Diller. Once you’ve seen the movie, you’ll probably want to hang this Mad Monster Party print from Hen n’ Chicks on your wall.

Harold and Maude two-headed bat plush doll Devout Dolls Halloween

Harold and Maude

Cuppy and I would like to remind you all that Halloween *is* a holiday, and therefore, can be considered a gift-giving occasion. Perhaps you’d like to gift one of us this two-headed bat from Devout Dolls? Aw, thank you! You are SO sweet.

Know what else every girl wants? Scary ass hair bows from Lucky Cupcake Hairclips! All your favorite slashers, crazies and spookies are featured on cute, handmade bows. Too much of a scardy cat to wear a Chucky bow? Joy’s got you covered with rassler bows, video game clips and all kinds of other cuteness. Check out the coupon to your right for 10% off!

bloody hand print coffee mug Circa Ceramics Halloween

Dexter's coffee mug?

Without my morning coffee I will for real kill someone – so I reach for this Circa Ceramics mug as my daily reminder to…you know, not murder. Blood and guts not your thing? Check out these cool zombie mugs featuring artwork by Matt Cipov!

Hello Kitty sunglasses Halloween

Instant cute!

Looking for an instant costume? Try these Hello Kitty-inspired sunglasses from Guilty Free Candy! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve considered getting my prescription put into these babies, but I already look like a big enough asshole.

Bonus instant costume idea: this nerd alert shirt from Sick for Cute. Pair it with hiked-up floods, taped-together glasses and a dopey look on your face. When people ask what you’re supposed to be you can say, “I’m a mirror.”

For spooky sweetness you can wear all year, check out Little Miss Delicious’ Halloween collection. Candy corn earrings, vampire cupcakes Frankenstein ice cream cones… squee!

eyeball lollipop candy handmade suckers Halloween

Eye love candy.

Let the little kids have their Now n’ Laters, because these gorgeous, hand-crafted candies and cookies from Sweetniks are just for you. With flavors like rose, salted margarita, cardamom and more these treats put the “ooh la la” in lollipops.

But what about FREE stuff?

So glad you asked! Why, right here on your friendly neighborhood Bake and Destroy you can download DIY cupcake toppers that are sure to radical up your Halloween party! Try some shark attack toppers on red velvet for a gory treat. Get fReAkY with these vintage circus cupcake toppers, or honor your inner slasher with these Friday the 13th toppers! Keep it evil with my black metal cupcake toppers, too! Hosting a Halloween party? Download my FREE zombie cookbook The Joy of Cooking Humans and print one out for each of your guests!

And of course, don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Leave your comments by October 13th – I’ll randomly select a winner then! Until next time, Hallowieners! (This contest is now closed, thanks!)

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered & congrats to Kelsey for winning!