Hey-o! Just a quick update to let you guys know about some cool stuff coming up:

First up, my friends at Challengers Comics are hosting an “Okie Dokie Donuts” book signing and donut tasting on September 3rd, 11am – 1pm. Yeah, that’s right. Comics and donuts. Out in public, among other people. Do them both at once and no one will judge you. In fact, there will probably be people there who think you’re cool.

Then about a month later, on October 1st, Challengers is hosting 24 Hour Comics Day. Twenty-five participants have 24 hours to draw their own 24-page comic book. Challengers provides snacks and drawing space and the artists’ noggins provide the rest. I’ll be supplying the participants with some high-energy snacks including Bike Messenger Brownies, Elvis Comeback Special Cupcakes and more. Reservations are required, so check it out here!

Starting September 1st, the notorious T.E.N.O. will be featured on Ian’s Pizza’s wall-o-fame as their Customer of the Month. If you’re in Chicago be sure to stop by for a slice and to admire his cute face. Speaking of Ian’s, over 20,000 people have viewed my video of CM Punk making a pizza behind the scenes there. Cripes, man. If wrestling doesn’t pan out he definitely has a future in dough-tossing.

Like watching videos? Well, here is one of me yelling at a super annoying guy on the El. Grr. Don’t bother me when I’m reading a George R. R. Martin book, for real!

So, other than yelling at strangers and baking for comic book marathons, I’m still plugging away at my book and trying to think of non-sweary ways to say things so you can all buy your grandmas copies. I’m also lining up some more Q&A’s – lots of you have emailed to say you like ’em, so I hope you weren’t lying. If you have someone in particular you want me to interview leave me comments! Or just leave me comments to say you love me. I love you too.