I was trying really hard to display the SugarSlam gallery in a post but either it’s really hard to do or I’m really stupid. So instead, here is a picture of Cm Punk and me at Ian’s Pizza. He’s crouching because I’m nipple-height on him, and his mustache is pretty boss.

Anyway, I’m posting tonight to tell you that voting for the SugarSlam 2011 Peoples’s Choice Award is officially open! The judges have seen the gallery and are in the process of choosing a World Champion. Remember, there are over 30 prizes up for grabs so go to the gallery and cast your vote today!

How to vote:

  • Visit the gallery.
  • Comment* on the submission(s) you like.
  • Remember, every comment counts as a vote – so if your comment is “this sucks” you technically still voted for that entry.
  • You can vote on more than one entry, but do not vote more than once for a single entry. Duplicate votes will not count.
  • Voting ends Friday, Jully 22. No votes received after that date will count.
  • The entry with the most votes wins, in the case of a tie we will go into sudden death. Rules for that later.

*Commenting will require that you have a Flickr account, but don’t worry – it’s fast and easy to sign up. If you really truly hate Flickr you can leave a comment on this post with the names of your favorite entries. Get the names right, though!

Why should you vote? Well, according to P Diddy, voting is cool or whatever. But really you should vote because I’ll be choosing a handful of random voters to receive awesome prizes from Bake It Pretty and a few other sponsors.

Go! Vote! Now!