I asked you guys on Facebook if it would be annoying or motivating for me to post about specific prizes up for grabs in this year’s SugarSlam competition and all except one voter said “motivating” so if you find yourself annoyed right now blame democracy! I already have a handful of entries in my SugarSlam2011@gmail.com inbox and let me tell you, they are clever! So check out these prizes, and go read the rules (and peruse the other amazing prizes) then get to work! Oh, and keep an eye on the SugarSlam 2011 Facebook page for judge spotlights and other cool stuff.

It wouldn’t be a wrestling-themed bake off without a championship belt, and thanks to our friends at Highspots.com we have one that pretty much rules! This is a mock up of the belt designed by Ken Rosenkrantz (the guy who also did my sweet Goat and Destroy logo) – it’s so rad I’m having it sent to be before I send it to the winner just so I can hold it.

Next up is a set of three litchen-themed stacking porcelain bowls from Chicago’s Circa Ceramics. From zombies to monster trucks to cute little kewpies, Circa Ceramics combines attention to detail with a whimsical sense of humor to make truly unique handmade cups, bowls, vases, spoon rests and more. And they seriously could not be nicer people, I love them.

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum.

The last prize I’m spotlighting today (don’t worry, there are a LOT more) comes from Fright Rags, producers of the best original horror shirts out there. Thanks to Ben and the gang I have inappropriately worn everything from Zombie vs. Shark shirts to an ode to Creepshow to various business meetings. They’re offering a $20 gift certificate to both the Grand Prize winner and the Peoples Choice.

Don’t forget to check out the rules & other prizes – and tell everyone you know to enter SugarSlam 2011!