First of all, I am laughing out loud at some of the entries in my inbox right now. You guys are disgusting and awesome. I’m patting myself on the back for having such a radical idea. (And because SugarSlam I was in 2008 I can give Food Network’s shitty WWE Cake Challenge a big “up yours!”) Anyway – keep them coming – click here to read the rules and check out the prizes.

If today’s prize spotlight doesn’t have you making a mad dash for the kitchen I don’t know what will. Don’t forget there are two prize categories – a Champion as chosen by the judges and a People’s Choice as chosen by Bake and Destroy readers – so you have two chances to win one of two amazing prize packages.

My friends at Threadless know a good time when they see one. So they’re offering a subscription to the 12 Month T Club to our Champion and a $100 gift certificate to our People’s Choice winner! If you win and can’t decide on a shirt, I’m here to advise you. I probably own 25 Threadless shirts. Might I recommend Every Night I Have the Same Dream or Zombie at Tiffany’s?

Lucky Cupcake Hairclips is offering up a hair treats prize package to our Champion, featuring a few from the Wrassler Bows line. I’ve been wearing Lucky Cupcake for years, they add instant cute to any hairdo. Not into hair things? They also look adorable clipped onto your shirt, purse or wherever you need a little something. Guys, give these to your lady if you win. Make outs will ensue.

Monster Mash apron setI’m actually really jealous of the two people who will win today’s last prize spotlight – a Cupcake Provocateur Monster Mash prize pack featuring an apron set with matching accessories, cupcakes in a jar and a gift certificate for the site. Jeeze. What ever happened to just the honor of winning being enough? Well, if you decide you don’t want all this cute stuff I have room on my apron rack for it.

I hope you’re getting excited, because I sure am! You have until July 11 to enter and you can enter as many times as you like!

If you’d like to help me spread the word about SugarSlam 2011 to your favorite blogger, local media, wrestling website or what have you, please let them know that the rules, prize info and judge bios can all be found at I also have lots of art and graphics to use here.

R.I.P. “Macho Man” Randy Savage. You will be missed.