A few days ago I officially announced SugarSlam 2011 – the Internet’s finest wrestling-themed bake off. I’ll be posting soon with rules and deadlines and all that awesome stuff but first I want to squee with joy a bit about my awesome sponsors. Because SugarSlam is free to enter, I count on my sponsors to furnish the prizes that make you say “hot damn, I want to win this contest.” So please give an Internet round of applause for this year’s sponsors – check out their sites by clicking the logos and be sure to “like” their Facebook pages and all that fun stuff.

I’ll be announcing the specific prize packages in the upcoming rules & deadlines post – but feel free to leave comments on this post if you have questions that can’t wait – that way I can answer where everyone can see. Just a heads up – it’s an online-only contest, so you can get started at any time – just be sure to take pictures of your finished product. And yes, you can enter more than once.

And now for my sweet ass sponsors: