Is it so wrong to love your own birthday? Sure, it’s a bit conceited of me to spend the entire week before hand reminding everyone that it’s coming up. And perhaps the one-woman parade I conduct is a bit much.

And maybe Tony could do without me starting every December 12th out by jumping on the bed and singing the Super Bowl Shuffle at the top of my lungs but hey – it’s a holiday just for me. Let me enjoy my one thing.

Like last year, I have spent the weeks leading up to this birthday raising money for Grind for Life – a non-profit that supports the families of those suffering the effects of cancer.Β  As I write this post I’ve raised over $1,100 thanks to the generous donations made by my friends, family, Bake and Destroy readers and heck, even my hair salon!

Looking back at 2010 – the year of being 30 – I can honestly say it has been the best year of my life. (So if any of you are reading this and shaking in your boots at the thought of the big three-o, relax. It’s a cakewalk.) One of the coolest things that happened for me this year was hooking up with my new friends at Threadless and doing some modeling for them – and later, being a judge for their Threadcakes competition. So it was only fitting that they would help me to thank you guys for another great year on planet Earth.

Thanks to Threadless, I have three of these”The 13 Days of Christmas” shirts to give away to you guys. And there are LOTS of ways to enter.

You’ll receive one entry for doing each of the following:

  1. Like Threadless on Facebook
  2. Follow Threadless on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to the Threadless newsletter
  4. Like Grind for Life on Facebook
  5. Follow Grind for Life on Twitter
  6. Donate to Grind for Life (that might be unethical of me to suggest, but you should do it anyway)
  7. Like Bake and Destroy on Facebook
  8. Follow Bake and Destroy on Twitter

Please leave a separate comment letting me know when you’ve done each of these. (And for those of you who already like & follow all this stuff, just leave comments about that.)

I’ll pick three winners on Monday, December 13th! Thanks for another great year and happy birthday to ME!