Ladies and gents, there are only TWO DAYS left to send us your entries for our Custom Cupcake Provocateur Apron Contest! (Check out my previous entry for all the details.) I know you’ve all been curious, so I thought I’d give you another peek at some of the entries so far. (You can see more here.)

Next week Cynthia and I will sort through all the entries and choose a few finalists for you guys to vote on. The winner gets his or her design produced – a one-of-a-kind, 100% custom apron! And we have prizes for random voters, too, so everyone’s a wiener. I mean winner.

On with the show…

I was psyched to see my ladybro Melisser’s name in our inbox with this design that I could have told you was hers even if she’d disguised her identity:

Here we have Isadora – Vampira, leopard and Divine? This is a girl after my own heart!

Hi Emily. You had me at bullet belt.

Emm’s apron design is so cute I’d wear it even when I wasn’t baking…

And then we have Kim, zooming in from outer space with this intergalactic design:

You still have time to submit your design so get to it!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m as pleased as punk rock punch to be participating in the Rocker TweetUP on November 5th. If you’re in Chicago come on out to hang with me, Jerry Bryant of JBTV and lots of other rock n’ roll social media nutjobs. SEO has never been so sexy. Hope to see you there!