Joy is the hotness

It’s Saturday, bitches! I am living up this three day week end like no one’s business. So far I’ve eaten a Chicago style veggie dog at Navy Pier and a bag of Garrett Popcorn Chicago Mix on the Red Line while watching a homeless couple make out. Tonight I’m eating egg rolls and watching The Godfather (yeah, that’s right – don’t box me in) and making cookies with Teno. But first, I want you to see this Q & A session I had with the gorgeous and talented Joy of Lucky Cupcake Hairclips!

I met Joy online quite some time ago, she ordered a Bake and Destroy shirt from me and used the return address on the package to send me some of her adorable handmade hair bows. Now, at this point I was barely venturing into headband territory, I’m a bit of a tomboy. So I stuck one on my head to take a picture for Joy – looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey, this is kinda cute.” 18 months or so later, here I am – a bow or flower in my hair an official trademark and I even have a bow named after me.
Joy and I are full blown Internet buddies now, sending each other packages of aprons, bows, cupcake socks… all sorts of necessary objects on a near-monthly basis. She regularly impresses me with her creativity and ingenuity, not to mention her generosity and kindness. Recently when fellow bow maker Roxanne Munoz‘ little boy was diagnosed with brain cancer Joy sprang into action, donating Lucky Cupcake merchandise to an online auction benefiting Grind for Life, a non-profit that helps people with cancer and their families. How many people would not only befriend their direct competition like that? She’s one in a million, you guys, that’s why I had to have her on my site.
And stay tuned, because at the end of the interview you’ll find out how you can win a couple of Joy’s adorable bows for yourself!
Have you always been crafty, or did something in particular inspire you to start making cute things?

Looking back, I’ve always like creating stuff. Doll clothes, food, poems..  I like making things pretty.

When did you start making hair things?

I started making hair accessories in late 2008. I lost my job, found some materials around my desk and bam! Lucky Cupcake was born.

What made you decide to start selling your flowers & bows online?

I live in a small town. Not too many stores that would carry my stuff. So I figured I spent enough time on MySpace, why not start there?  So I did. I sent out maybe 75 friend requests. Now I have over 800 “friends.”  I feel a bit guilty now as I spend more time on Facebook.

Some of your fans & customers might not be aware that you also own a tattoo shop. Tell us about your shop.

Aww yes! My hubby and I bought the very tattoo shop where he learned to tattoo 12 years ago. It was one of the 2 reasons we moved from Los Angeles to Oregon. (The first was his daughter.) It’s been pretty rad. It helps me stay creative. I don’t tattoo personally, I just collect them. It’s located in Seaside, Oregon. I’m 98 % sure we are the oldest shop on the Oregon Coast. We are about 7 or 8 blocks from the beach! Oh, and can I just say contrary to what most people think, I do not and cannot get tattooed whenever I want.  Neither Bob (my hubby) or Travis will tattoo me. Jerks, really.

Your accessories seem to be inspired by one part sugar, one part pin-up and one part badassedness. Are there any people, places or things that are a constant source of inspiration to you?

YES ! My friends and family. My mood.  My biggest fan is my 8 year old son Kai. He is my greatest inspiration. He lets me know if I make a lame bow, and gives his opinions on some of the jewelry I make.

How do you decide on new designs? Do you hunt for something in particular, or do you let the fabrics you find be your guide?

I tend to buy the fabrics I like. Stuff I would wear. But I would say that fabric always seeks me.  I have noticed that I buy stuff that revolves around my mood. Off days = weirdo colors.  *shrugs shoulders* Go figure.

Any best-sellers?

I love that you make bows inspired by your friends. I bake that way too. Take the Natalie bow you make for me. How did you decide on that bow in particular? Or the Bombshell bow for KT of Bombshell Bakeshop?

Ha! The Natalie bow, I made it and thought of you. Things happen like that. I looked at the bow, and it was yellow and cute. Kinda spunky, Like you!  Yes I  called you “spunky.”  The Bombshell bow, well, when I made it for the first time I sent it to KT. I had seen a few of her pictures and she told me her favorite colors, it seemed like a perfect match.

Do you feel naked without a bow or a flower in your hair?

YES! I seriously never leave home without one. I keep them in my car too. Just in case.

Anything in particular you like to listen to while you Lucky Cupcake it up?

Yes. I have a Bow Making Music Playlist on my Zune. The First 7 artists that get me started are:
Flogging Molly
Modest Mouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Black Eyed Peas and Don Ho
Yes you read right, Don Ho.

Me in my LCH t-shirt

Your accessories have a sweet inspiration, what about your kitchen? Do you cook or bake often?

I try to. I Love both baking & cooking. I have been getting a bit more adventurous with baking – thanks to you, that is.

What are your favorite sweet spots where you live?

Bleh. The closest cupcake shop in about an hour and a half away. So when I am in the mood for something sweet, I cross the bridge into Long Beach Washington, stop by Cottage Bakery and pick up a delicious and wonderful buttermilk bars. They are friggen magical.
I love your style, where do you shop?

Online. Bettie Page Clothing , ebay, T.U.K. Shoes. Most of my clothes I’ve had for years. My weight fluctuates constantly so I don’t shop too much. I’ve recently taken up sewing. So I’ve made a couple of dresses . Oooh Lucky Cupcake dresses, there’s a thought!

Everyone has an Etsy shop nowadays, what’s your advice for a gal looking to make a little money off her crafts?

Stay true to your craft. There is a lot of competition. Be original, work hard and let your customers know you are human and just like them. People like to be reminded you’re one of the girls.
Where are some other places you sell your wares?

Bettie Page Clothing In Las Vegas, Cherry Redd In Salem Oregon, Salon LOL in Long Beach Washington, Sugar Baby’s in Houston TX, , The Cotton Club in Seaside, Oregon, Lucky Dog Tattoo in Seaside, Oregon…and more!

If you could see your bows on anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Such a crazy good question. Well, My Grandma Alice, she would be so proud. My Auntie Catie and my cousin Monica. I have lost all of them. But they would be my biggest fans (besides Kai of course.)  Living? Yikes! Ok, so I almost hate to say this but… Katy Perry.  I think she would look cute.

How do you promote your business? Word of mouth? Sending packages to well-known bloggers? 😛

Word of mouth, And sending Goodies to bloggers such as yourself. I work super hard to keep Lucky Cupcake in the forefront. Plus I NEVER leave home without something
cute in my hair. It’s really the best advertisement!

What’s next for Lucky Cupcake? Any plans for new products, venturing out to new retailers?

I would LOVE to do a bit more wholesale. But For now, I’m going to let the chips fall where they may. I’m dipping into accessories for little cupcakes (including baby shoes)
and now that I’m sewing I may start making more bags. I guess the biggest news is that my bitchin’ dad built me a studio, Lucky Cupcake Headquarters.
It’s in the last stages – well, I get to paint, and move in all my stuff.  I’m so excited! I wanna have a studio warming party! Wanna come?

OK kids, now it’s your turn to rock some Lucky Cupcake! I’m going to give you several ways to win. You’ll receive one entry each for doing each of the following:
Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry – if you only leave one comment stating that you did several of these actions you’ll only be entered once! I’ll choose a winner to receive a Natalie and a Bombshell Bow this Friday, Sept 10th. Good luck, cupcakes!
This contest is now closed – congratulations to Jennipher!