A few months ago I posted a Q&A with the founder and head designer of Cupcake Provocateur, Cynthia. Since then, I’ve received dozens of emails from women thanking me for turning them onto her sweet n’ sexy designs. If the men in their lives could pick their jaws up off the floor I’m sure they’d thank me too.

Well, get ready to squeal with delight, ladies and gents, because for the first time ever you have the chance to design & win your own custom made Cupcake Provocateur apron. Here’s how it works:

  1. You email Cynthia and I your design – it can be a sketch or a collage that represents your idea.
  2. Don’t worry about being an ace illustrator, because we’re also asking that you include a short description of your dream apron. (No more than 300 words, please!)
  3. Cynthia and I will choose our top 3-5 favorite submissions and post them right here on Bake and Destroy
  4. My readers will vote for the winner – and one lucky voter will also win something special for him or herself
  5. The winner, as chosen by Bake and Destroy readers, will have his or her custom apron brought to life by Cynthia – and it will be the winner’s to keep!

So ladies, this is your chance! The carpet may not match the drapes but the apron could match your kitchen! And fellas – it’s gonna get hot in your kitchen when you present your lady with an apron designed especially for her. Or heck, design one for yourself, we like a man in apron strings!

The contest is open Oct 1 – Oct 31. We’ll post our top picks in early November. Email your submissions to cpgiveaway10@gmail.com and good luck! Be sure to check out the Cupcake Provocateur blog for more good times and giveaways!

PS I thought I’d share what my submission would be if the contest were, you know, open to judges:

My dream apron – Peg Bundy meets The Cramps – would be a half apron that ties with a black patent faux-leather sash. An acidic-colored leopard print skirt – lime green or hot pink – with loads of fluffy tulle underneath to make it poofy and obnoxious. I will wear it while lying on my couch watching Russ Meyers films and eating bon bons.

PS The flowers & bows in my video are from Lucky Cupcake Hairclips – $1 from every Grind for Life bow sold goes directly to my favorite non-profit, Grind for Life. So stock up!