Last week I dubbed myself a “crusty old bake sailor” because of my new found love of bake sales. This week end I’m sailing the bake sale seas once more, this time to raise money for Chicago’s fabulous WildClaw Theater.

You may remember that in October I was a judge for their awesome old time radio competition, Deathscribe. Well now they’re putting on a production of William Blatty’s Legion (the sequel to The Exorcist) and the horror nerd in me could not be more excited.

Check it out:

And he asked him, “What is thy name?”
And he answered, saying,
” My name is Legion: for we are many.”
(Mark 5:9)

How fucking metal is that? But before the show hits the stage (3/15) we are raising funds for this little gem of a theater company to help make it all possible. My friend Lisa from Brass Knuckle Brownies and I will be sharing a bake sale table packed with her “so good, they’re bad” brownies and my vegan cookies and cupcakes. (And I do plan on having one non-vegan flavor – Death by Chocolate, of course.) And as if tasty treats from your favorite creeps weren’t enough, check out all the other hotness going down this Saturday:

Watch top illustrators create horror art, live, as they draw the night away, choosing from a bevy of sexy models and graphic scenes throughout the venue. Bring your sketchbooks and laptops and join the asylum.

Featuring these top artists working live:
– Dave Dorman (Aliens/Star Wars/Batman)
– Tony Akins (Jack of Fables/House of Mystery)
– J Anthony Kosar (Avatar/Buckaroo Bonzai)
– Ray Frenden (Burton Snowboards /Wired/The Misfits)
– Alex Wald (Ultraman/Shoalin Cowboy)
– Jessica Joy (smART Show)
– Charlie Athanas (WildClaw Posters)

A special guest appearance by Michelle L’Amour’s internationally acclaimed burlesque beauties, the Chicago Starlets.

Tunes for the asylum provided by:
– dj white russian
– DJ Vapor Eyes
– DJ Miles Beyond
– DJ Chas Vrba
– The Ordeal

Plus, you can get “possessed” by the team of professional makeup artists for just $5!)  Emergency exorcisms will be available from a priest at the end of the bar.

Dancing, cupcakes and naked ladies! I mean… what kind of a douche doesn’t want to go to this? So come on out, this Saturday, February 20th 9:30pm – 2:30am and dance your face off at The Viaduct Theatre (3111 N. Western Avenue, Chicago). It’s $20 at the door, or $15 in advance – costumes encouraged!

Hope to see you (and feed you) there!