Whew, rough week. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. I can’t say I was all that shook up about the first two, they’re slightly ahead of my time, but Billy Mays is a major bummer. Tony and I loved watching him on Pitchmen.

Well, In a fervor of updating my online portfolio and my About Me page I decided to finally stop being so lazy and to fix all the broken downloads that were floating around the site. See, when I moved servers in January I broke a lot of links and I’m still catching them. One of the biggest breaks came in the form of all my free DIY topper files. So I took some time today to fix those, as well as the couple of other free things I had posted. So click around, download stuff and let me know if anything doesn’t work. And if you don’t see a free version of a topper you like it’s probably because I sell it in the shop, so try looking there you cheap bastard.

To celebrate my wonderfulness, and to mourn the dead (what? I don’t know.) I’m also giving you these circus toppers for free. I love them. They’re my favorites. Good night, and good luck.