What’s up, sluts? I just wanted to say hi and apologize for being neglectful. I could give you excuses about going to the ER with a gnarly throat infection (but I already exhausted that one explaining my lack of a Slash & Dine column for this month over at Brutal As Hell) or how busy I’ve been showing lots of friends around my fair city but instead, I blame donuts.

For you see, The Urban Housewife is currently visiting and for the past few months she and I have been secretly planning a donut takeover. For too long the two of us have been solely associated with cupcakes – and don’t get us wrong, we love cupcakes and we give them props for all the great people they’ve helped us to meet. But the truth is, our hearts belong to donuts.

We recently sampled some vegan donuts by Glazed Donuts (video to be either posted soon or deleted, depending on how cute we look in it when we review it) and it’s been nothing but donut talk ever since. Let’s make vegan donuts, let’s make donut ice cream, let’s get tattoos of donuts. Donuts, donuts donuts!

Meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work on my side project, The Donut Database. Gaper’s Block posted one sentence about the database a few weeks ago and I’ve been swimming in submissions so I finally took a few hours and added a bunch of new donut shops to the list. As you can see, there’s still a serious lack of donut intel, so email me with your suggestions.

Never fear, I am still baking and destroying, and there are new recipes and reviews in the works. But until next time, dunk a double chocolate glazed for me.