Teno Destructo and Mama Destroy

Last year I think I did pretty OK on the Mother’s Day Gift Guide all by myself. I tried to choose things that moms- young or old, tattooed knuckles or no, would like. But I’m about 75% busier this year than I was last year so I asked for some help – from you.

You guys had great stuff- some of my favorite suggestions actually came from my own mom (or were those hints?) So thank you for all the emails, I hope you like this year’s list. Oh, and if you’re reading this because a special lady in your life sent you a link… yes, this is a hint.


OK, first up- my mom’s picks. Maybe she tried to drag me into Banana Republic throughout my teenage years, but she still gets me. And shit, now I kinda like Banana Republic. There are two things my mom has always loved as long as I remember – jewelry and office supplies. And guess what, those two loves rubbed off on me! So I was not surprised at all to see this Poppylicious necklace from RachelleD.etsy.com on her list.

Of course, she already bought it for herself so it was less of a hint than a genuine suggestion. Another jewelry maker my mom really likes is Superhero Designs. I remember her stocking up on her beautiful, colorful beaded necklaces at the first Renegade Craft Fair we attended together. My mom even had a Superhero t-shirt, which sadly, was lost in a house fire almost a year ago.


My mom is like, professional at Etsy. I don’t know how she ever found lespetiteschoses.etsy.com but I’m glad she did because I love the felt-covered notebook she bought in in March. I guess if I ever searched for anything besides donuts I would find cool stuff too.

Bath lovelies from Lush and chocolates from Vosges are basically my standing wish list for every major holiday, but with the economy in the dumps the way it is currently, I’m really trying to support even lesser-known shops, Etsy sellers, DIYers. A handful of my recently unemployed friends have started Etsy shops, for example, and it’s been a pleasure buying from their shops!

Filthy Farmgirl soap

Filthy Farmgirl soap

So instead of my usual Lush recommendation, I’m taking a cue from Lynee who sent me a link to Filthy Farmgirl soaps. 41 yummy flavors including Silly Sarsparilla and Cardamom Rose – yes, please!



Over the past few months I have somehow managed to absolutely fill my house (and the houses of those I love) with these ridiculously affordable prints by my former employer, CagedTomato. Between the Strollin’ Donut and her tattoo-inspired ode to coffee I simply cannot stop buying Carrie’s artwork, which is probably good news- as her former nanny I am well-aware of her daughter’s Disney Princess addiction and that stuff ain’t cheap.

Some of my other favorite Etsy dealers/for-real friends include Model Citizen – creator of the famous Bake and Destroy Tiger Lady t-shirt, MelissaHatesYou – zombie art specialist, Very Happy Everything – creator of my Lady Shark necklace, DeLuna Designs – my beloved former co-worker and seamstress behind my recycled make up bag, and of course, Circa Ceramics who not only made me my Chicago flag dinnerware, but who also generously replaced many items of theirs that my mom lost when her house done got burnt. (We love Nancy & Andy!) I own items from all of these shops and I would buy again even if these people weren’t my awesome friends!

The Argyle Effect

The Argyle Effect

It would not be a Bake and Destroy Mother’s Day Gift Guide without an apron recomendation, and this year, I’m throwing my support behind Cupcake Provocateur. The Argyle Effect apron has me totally obsessed with the diamond design and the back story (Cynthia’s “Cindy” pattern is named for her mom who taught her everything she knows – how Mother’s Day appropriate is that?) You can get 10% off an apron for the haute mama in your life using the code BAKECP10 when you check out. (You can see a bunch of other lovely aprons in my Apron Deathmatch 2009 post!)

By now you guys probably all know that I work at ReusableBags.com – that’s where I got my super-sustainable hemp bags you can find my clicking “the shop” up above. Ahem. Anyway, we get a lot of emails there from vendors looking to add their line to our store. Most of the time it’s non-woven polypropelene bags from China that make me want to yank my hair out. But about a month ago we got an email from an Etsy dealer named Bomina. She makes these super-cute, super-smart roll up reusable bags. Unfortunately we don’t cut POs with Etsy shops, but I was glad to come across her shop and I hope you guys pick up some of her cute bags for your moms this year!

OK- back to stuff you guys submitted. Honor is a girl after my own heart. She bakes, she crafts and she comes from viking stock. This year Honor is hoping for a Keep Calm, Have a Cupcake print from Everyday is a Holiday, a Japanese craft book called Zakka Sewing and My Sweet Vegan (which I would also very much like to receive!)


I’ve got two more Etsy jewelry suggestions (gosh, I wonder if I’m hoping for jewelry this year?) The first one comes from bbbennyandthejet.etsy.com which is not only a name that I like to sing, but it’s also a sweet Canadian shop where you can get this tough-but-cute black mom tattoo necklace. Wear it in honor of your own mom, or give it to your mom to display her title proudly. Who says recycling is for crunchy granola-types?

And finally, I leave you with another tattoo-inspired necklace from a favorite Etsy seller of mine, Trashed Clothing. She made me this Teno necklace and I’ve since gone back to her for custom kid necklaces for friends of mine. People stop me whenever I wear mine to ask where I got it (and also to ask what a Teno is.) For $20 it’s a cheap thrill!

This list is by NO means complete so please, please leave your suggestions in comments- and feel free to plug your own shop! Happy Mother’s Day to all the hot mamas who are reading right now- especially my own!