Holy cupcake papers, you guys- there is a colorful mess going on in my kitchen right now! Much to Tony’s dismay I cannot pass up a beautiful cupcake paper, no matter how disposable or how expensive and I’ve been going just a little bit overboard lately.

All my favorite suppliers have all kinds of new stuff out right now and I just had to do a post so you can get your hands on some before I buy them all.

First- all the amazing papers you see in this first photo are from Confectionery House. In the world of fancy cupcake papers, this company sold me my first dime bag, so to speak. I never knew I had options beyond white and pastel until I stumbled upon their colorful wares. Now they’ve added polka dots and spooky, solid black to their line up and I have the $75 pile of liners to prove it.

Then of course there are the lovelies from Sweet Cuppin Cakes – this shop doesn’t just stop at liners in all colors, shapes and patters, but they also carry cupcake wrappers (fancy die-cut cupcake enclosures) and all sorts of fun little baking accessories. You might also happen to find some liited-edition Bake and Destroy buttons designed by CagedTomato if you look hard enough.

And my most recently-discovered source for beautiful cupcake papers, I’m proud to say, is a Chicago-based shop called Layer Cake Shop. Not only do they have liners in stripey patterns and tulip-shapes that I haven’t seen anywhere else, but they also have tons of vintage-looking cupcake toppers and edible decorations- perfect for someone like me who can only fake-decorate cupcakes. I’m very excited to have a local source for sprinkles and sugar eyes, you really have no idea.

I know there are lots of other shops I left out, mostly out of laziness- but feel free to post your favorites in the comments. (Bake It Pretty is another favorite of mine, by the way.) And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lay all my cupcake papers out on the counter and admire them some more.