For his birthday,my friend Greg had a very specific request: booze-soaked cupcakes with blood-red buttercream and John Waters-themed cupcake toppers. Given my affinity for drag queens and Mac cosmetics I have always been a fan of the gays, and given my stellar bone structure and sassy mouth, the gays have always loved me back.

So who am I to deny a fabulous young gay man his fabulously gay birthday request?

In the spirit of giving, I am posting the decorations here for you to download. Just print them on cardstock, cut them out and glue them to tooth picks. Stick them in the gaudiest cupcakes you can bake and you’ve got yourself a party. (I made the close up of Divine big so I could just crop out the face.)

Happy birthday Greg – and PS, the cupcakes just came out of the oven and they smell heavenly.