Unbeknownst to me, City, the straight edge Kiwi cupcake queen, nominated me for an “E for Excellent” award in her blog recently. For some reason, Google alerts neglected to make me aware of this until today when Tara mentioned her own nomination on her blog. Looking over all the nominee’s postings I’m developing a theory about our little incestual baking blogger circle. Cakespy, How to Eat a Cupcake, Cupcake Project – all nominees and all a part of our sugary little love circle.

So the rules are, when you’re nominated by another blogger you post about it, nominating 5 other bloggers. Let them know you’ve nominated them and unless they’re jerks, they’ll post about it as well.

This is a really tough call for me, I read a lot of hilarous blogs. Honestly, I’d like to nominate 75% of the blogs in my blog roll for this, including my own side project SendMoreCops. (Shameless.)

So if you see that you aren’t in this five, please know that you’ll always be E for excellent in my eyes. I tried to pick some stuff I like that will likely be excluded from the inevitable baking blogging sexfest.

And the weiners are:

The Black Oven – You know when you really connect with someone you don’t know? Like, you read an interview with Sarah Silverman and you’re like “Oh my god, we are so much alike. If we met she wouldnt totally think I was funny and we would totally hang out.” That’s how I feel about Megan. And much like Sarah Silverman, she has basically ignored all of my efforts to form an Internet friendship. But as long as she keeps posting things like “originally forged in hell, these confections were developed by the steady hand of brutality itself” I am OK with my affections going unnoticed.

The Sneeze – What if Steve was your dad? That would be awesome.

Disgusting Things I Have Eaten – When Mike Edison recommends a food blog to you, you read it god damn it. You read it and you appreciate it’s dirty humor or you get your punk rock card revoked.

Early Bird Special – In some ways, I hate Amy because she makes me realize how much I could accomplish if only I wasn’t so lazy. But then she makes her hard work and accomplishments available to me at reasonable prices and I love her again.

silje/vanilje – Silje is a drop-dead gorgeous, endlessly talented, wonderfully tattooed Norweigan lady who lives in Kansas City. She scraps, she knits, she makes cute bento lunches. I wish she lived next door to me, so instead I stalk her online.

So now I’m supposed to tell all those people that I nominated them but instead I’m going to go watch The Ultimate Fighter. Thanks, City!