I grew up on the sweet side, the chubby cheek side
Candy insides, ain’t no lie.
At ice cream shops, with moms and pops
Banana splits with cherries on tops.

Hungry youth, rockin a sweet tooth
Only times I’m full’s when I’m asleep- truth!
I’m all over the snacks like icin’ on a sweet bun
First I eat this one, then I eat that one.

It was a dream for a teen who was a sugar fiend
Started snorting Pixie Stix at sixteen
Never talking to no fellows, busy eating marshmallows
Getting sick off licorice sticks.

No question I would quake for a chocolate milk shake
What I want, I will take
No question I’m no rookie when it comes to eating cookies
Steering clear of veggies like yo dad steers clear of bookies

My life never changed, I’m doing much the same
Sneaking bits of frosting like I’m insane.

Figured out I why I chose this route
Life’s too short not to dine out

Making cupcakes, I call’s em C’s
Rollin in buttercream, flossing like G’s
Yo- bakers respect me, my dentist detests me
Ch-chick-POW! I gotta go eat now.

Cake Rules Everything Around Me
Get the sugar
Choco- choco milk y’all

This is what happens when Tony goes to Dawn of the Dead with his friend and I’m at home with Teno on a bad TV night.