There are probably a lot of people who wish they were CM Punk, but tonight I am not one of them. Not only because I don’t think I could stand to shave my legs nearly as often as he has to, but because I would not want to have to choose a favorite out of the totally sweet entries we got for SugarSlam. Honestly, I was surprised to only get one Punk-themed entry. But then, I didn’t advertise the fact that he was judging to prevent getting nothing but that sort of thing.

I know my sister Nina will be excited to see two Bret Hart entries, each one as hot pink and 80’s sextastic as the man himself. (I once penned a letter to WWF Magazine demanding that he appear on every single cover.) I personally was psyched to get a Ric Flair entry but a little sad that no one made a Rowdy Roddy Pie-per. Maybe next time.

So, Raw is in Chicago tonight and I think you know who the hometown crowd is going to be cheering for. In honor of deep dish pizzas, Ditka and hot dogs sans ketchup, I present to you the SugarSlam contestants. Punk should be choosing a winner this week and I’ll post that recipe when he does.

Thanks to everyone who entered and start thinking of your own rasslin’ themed desserts for Sugar Slam II!

First up, You bet Your Sweet Ass Cookies from Jenni Jones. Never before have I ever wanted to eat wrestling trunks. Thanks, Jenni!

These little mamas are Honky Tonk-tastic Cupcakes from Jenna Redel-Reed. Dang.

From Adriana Marroquin we have these awesome Bret Hart cookies! I would totally put any of you in a Sharp Shooter for one of these!

On that note, Lindsay “Bunny” Joines entered Bret the Hitman’s Chocolate Raspberry Hart-Attack!

Venus invites you to try her Undertaker Tombstone Cake… if you dare!

If that doesn’t kill you, Bianca’s Deadman’s Cupcake just might

If I were judging, my vote might have to go to Ami Attee’s Custom Made Cupcakes because she compared the coconut to his fluffy white hair and even made them vegan in honor of the Nature Boy!

Speaking of vegan, it just wouldn’t be a bake-off without something from The Urban Housewife. So why not take a bite out of this British Bulldog’s Custard Berry Tart with Biscuit Crust?

Tanya B. was the very first to enter with her I Love Wrestling Blueberry Muffins!

Who does a girl have to smackin the face with a chair to get a bite of Kari’s Rey Mysterio Jr. Cherry Jalapeno Cup Cake?

May I present to you Dr. Jenn’s Vanilla Pepsi Punkcakes, created with the knowledge that CM Punk hates frosting, but loves Pepsi.

And finally, three last-minute entries from lee Rebel. Pepsi Plunge Shooter Cakes:


and Piper vs. Bad News Brownies:

You guys all did awesome, leave comments about your favorites and stay tuned for the winner of my first ever Sugar Slam!!! (Thanks, Punk.)