I’m really concerned with Mother’s Day this year, not because I’ve had a bad one yet. In fact, Tony is almost a professional present-buyer, he always does a really good job. But I’ve noticed since I’ve been back in school and forced to read all the terrible magazines and newspapers I will very likely one day be working for, that no one who writes Mother’s Day gift guides actually has any clue about what a modern mom might want. Yesterday the suggestions in the Red Eye launched me into a full-blown ranting session. I was supposed to be fact checking a story on cancer patients who finish their college degrees, too, so it was really inappropriate. In a nutshell, according to this column a “sporty mom” would love to receive a hideous tennis dress and a “foodie mom” would love a boxy, horrible personalized apron from William Sonoma. I have one word for you, Red Eye: whatevs. This advice comes from the fashion columnist who chose to wear dinosaur print thermal underwear in her head shot. Follow it if you will, but don’t be suprised when you get an ugly apron thrown at your face.

Of course I already posted a Mother’s Day Gift Guide a while back, but I have a few additions and aproximately three minutes before Teno notices I’m not watching Blue’s Clues with him so here goes:

Circa Ceramics is a Chicago-based team of artists who produce beautiful, quirky ceramic pieces for your home and office. I can vouch for their universal appeal as I, a lover of Agnostic Front and mixed martial arts adore them every bit as much as my mom, a fan of the Foo Fighters and Grey’s Anatomy does. Start your mom’s collection this year with something as small as a magnet or as large as a lo bowl. Unless she has a metal plate in her head ala Pete and Pete, she’ll love it.

While spying in my mom’s Etsy feedback to generate ideas about what to get the woman who has everything, I found she’d purchased some Watanwatan pouches. Upon further snooping, I uncovered a shop full of gorgeously made pouches, totes and wristlets. They’re from across the pond, so you might want to order now.

I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s Bake Shop for a long, long time and a personalized “famous cakes” sign from her would be…well, amazing. For $46 you can give your mom- or baby mama- bragging rights for the rest of her life. If you really want to wow her, have Jenny paint your family portrait starting at $350.

Finally, I’m offering a special deal on my own Etsy shop l Mother’s Day only. Buy any Bake and Destroy t-shirt of Collapsible Tote by Jo and receive gift wrapping and a gift pack for free. Shameless self-promotion, yes, but it’s also a pretty sweet deal.

Don’t forget about the special Jessie Steele discount code FORMOM08 for free shipping on orders over $35 until 5/13 and if you have any Mom’s Day specials going on in your shop right now please leave a comment!